The Definition of Insanity

I suppose that I should have known. I should have learned the lesson long ago. I’ve made the same assumption more than once before with the same outcome. The definition of insanity itself – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well, I am on vacation. I thought I’d write. I am not writing. I mean, technically, I am- right now- but I am not in the same way that I would if I were home. And in a way, I wish I had the motivation to make myself keep going, no matter where I am, what I do, how tired or relaxed I get.

Bad as I may feel, I am not writing a recipe. I did, however, come up with a compromise: sharing what I am tasting while away. Seattle is a food-lover’s destination and the places I have already sampled had me put the 300 days of yearly rain into produce perspective.

Last night, Sitka & Spruce. Heeeellooooo! This place is amazing. Simple, unpretentious, in a complex declared today by the New York Times to be Seattle’s New Food Market, Sitka and Spruce offers outstanding ingredients that are allowed to shine by not over-preparing, over-seasoning, and over-decorating them. This is exactly my kind of place.

Sockeye salmon crudo with creme fraiche, dill, and gooseberries at Sitka and Spruce.

This morning, the Corson Building- wow. Mr. Pastamaker is a sort of urbanist pioneer in his own right developing post industrial waterfront in Denver, but the surrounding Georgetown neighborhood brings wrong side of the tracks to the next level. With the Boeing facility 2 blocks away and airplanes (today, for example, fighter jets) flying over it disturbingly low, freight trains literally outside the gate (train horn and all!), and the highway smack over it, the Corson Building houses chickens and grows everything from peaches to dill to shallots, figs, and chamomile in their astonishingly beautiful courtyard.

Corson Building thriving garden set against the tracks under a highway overpass.

Tonight, June in Madrona. Opened in May, this French-inspired restaurant will make a valiant attempt to last in a neighborhood more conducive to playgrounds, small coffee shops, and yoga studios then to subtle European-inspired restaurants. It is not overly fancy. It is actually perfect- classic French preparations with fantastic northwestern ingredients. Phil Collins (apparently taste in food does not always translate into taste in music) and no air conditioning (at least 85 this evening) aside, the food was amazing and we’re hoping June will always be here dishing out tasty bites from rabbit rillettes to geoduck sour and sweet! Thanks Linda at Salty Seattle for the recommendation!

Chevre Creme Caramel at June.

Live from Seattle on Twitter! Returning to regular programming before you know it.

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  • Monet

    I want to visit Seattle so badly…and after seeing that creme caramel at June, I'm even more motivated to head west!

  • the constant hunger

    That creme caramel looks out of this world! By the way, you've won my Starbucks coffee giveaway that I launched a couple of weeks ago. Can't find your email anywhere on this blog (maybe I'm not looking right). Anyways, you can email me your address if you're interested in free coffee. You can find my email address on my blog.

  • Jennifer Olson

    So jealous Andra! Have a great time in Seattle. LOVE the Corson Building – I knew you would too.

  • Magic of Spice

    Oh, it all looks wonderful…hope you are having a splendid time :)And by the way, love your opening quote:)

  • lisasfoods

    Sounds like a great time, and I love the look of that salmon. I've always wanted to go to Seattle too, so it's great to hear about some of their food and restaurants.

  • Gitte

    Sounds like your having a great time, enjoy it, and that Cream Caramel looks simply delicious.

  • Sara @ CaffeIna

    Seattle is a great food destination! And don't feel too bad about not being writing recipes. When I went home (for a month!) I also promised myself I was going to use my holidays to write a lot above all of Italian food but it didn't happen. You are still writing about food! Enjoy the holiday!

  • Emily

    Glad you are having fun here! We have enjoyed some AMAZING restaurants. I am still waiting for the opportunity to try Sitka. I never heard of June before today, so I will be excited to try that. Another one we want to try is Tilth, in Wallingford. There are also some amazing bakeries- Dahlia has a good bakery and then there is Honore in Ballard and Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle…you have probably done your research already, but thought I would mention them. Oh, and the sandwiches at Paseo are great! Hope you have a fantastic visit!

  • Kath

    Sounds like you're trying all of the best places in my hometown. I was just going to mention Tilth, when I noticed that Emily had just suggested it. I've only tried it for breakfast–it was fabulous!

  • Rosemary@sprigsofrosemary

    You all are making me want to go to Seattle! Too bad for me it's on the other side of the country. Guess I'm stuck in podunkville just reading and dreaming!

  • baking.serendipity

    Enjoy Seattle! It's definitely high on my list of cities to visit :)

  • The Cilantropist

    I wish I was in Seattle, Jealous! ;)

  • The Mom Chef

    Nah, you're not insane. Enjoy vacation and don't worry about writing. That's what vacations are for! Thanks for showing us a little of what you're eating and seeing though; and for thinking of us!

  • Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron

    Welcome to Seattle Andra! I hope you enjoy the city! :)

  • The Lonely Radish

    Don't know how long you'll be in, but check out Palace Kitchen, or Lola, Salumi, and Cafe Campagne. Piroshki in the market(potato and onion and cheese)Monorail Espresso,Stumptown, or Vita for coffee. Have fun!

  • Sara

    There's no better way to see a city than through food. Looks like you do this well. Makes me want to re-visit Seattle!