The Aftermath – 5 weeks later

The Aspen Food and Wine Classic changed me and I kept see that every day of the last 5 weeks! I found myself doing, buying, watching, cooking, saying things that I didn’t before. I am loving it! Here are the ways! Tell me what changed your cooking and eating ways!

1. I showed my love for the KitchenAid Cook for the Cure promo. Last Saturday, I technically hosted a dinner fundraiser, by dining along with five others at the Fuel Cafe in Denver. The owner and my friend, Bob, agreed to donate 10% of Saturday night’s food earnings to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

2. I got myself to David Chang’s Ma Peche, above. At the Classic, he seemed most excited about this new venture. Delicious and look at that soft peach-y light!

3. I now wash my to-be-cooked veggies in luke warm water because HE said so! [ did you see the 10 Tips from Aspen Food and Wine?]

4. A new cookbook, Morimoto’s New Art of Japanese Cooking, autographed and all, might guide our extravagant and exclusive new years cooking and feasting party. Last year the book inspiring us was the French Laundry (some of the dishes pictured below) and yes, I know it is July- just thinking ahead a bit.

5. After a light-bulb moment induced by my friend Amanda, I realized it is ridiculous to use a towel as your KitchenAid splash guard when making butter. So I ordered a real one. Making this is now easier!

6. I broke down and subscribed to Food and Wine and 5280. I buy them anyway and am working on some of mycommitment issues.

7. I now watch Top Chef. As crazy as that may sound to some die-hard fans of the show, before the Classic, I may (…just may) have seen three random episodes of this.

8. I tweet. I started following Sissy Biggers on Twitter because she asked folks to do that when presenting the Quick Fire challenge between the steamy Michael Voltaggio and the well-seasoned Rick Bayless. Sissy follows me! So I say you should too- my tweets at

9. When ordering a margarita, I now ask for the salt to be not on the rim, but in foam-shape over the top of my drink. No, I don’t actually do that, but it would be nice to have the option.

10. Thinking ahead, I am already wrecking my mind trying to figure out what crazy trick I can pull out of my hat to be able to attend this event again next year- some serious plotting going on! I accept suggestions :-)

No recipe today (weird, I know!) but Wednesday, in the true Aspen Food and Wine spirit, a recipe from Jose Andres along with a brand new confession!

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  • A Plum By Any Other Name

    Ah, I love Tom Colicchio: welcome to the wonderful world of top chef. I enjoyed reading about your life-changing experiences.

    Is it wrong to confess when I make butter I just wrap saran wrap over the kitchen aid?!

  • Anonymous

    i also have changed from the aspen f&w trip-
    1. I also wash the veggies like tk does-
    2. i also watch top chef now – never had before
    3. im not drinking as much – not sure why- but its ok- i think anyway
    4. i have been searching out rare varietals from around the US like alder yarrow suggested
    5. I cooked my first pork loin covered in salt as jose andres did – with less water then his daughter put in
    6. i dont put oil in my pasta water anymore (giada said no)
    7. I have made my pasta dish all in one pan as mario batali instructed
    8. lastly – anthony giglio told us to drink champagne on all occasions – not just celebrations – well that hasnt changed as that still happen 4+ days a week – i will continue to follow that rule

    andra – we are too alike – from your friend in WI amber

  • A Thought For Food

    Those are some great lessons there! ;-) Love the pic with Thomas Keller. Now I'm going to wash my to be cooked veggies in warm water (what does this do exactly?) :-)


    Looks like you had a blast! Awesome post :)

  • Bethany

    Great post as always! I have no doubt you'll devise a way to get back to Aspen Food and Wine next year…can we hide in your suitcases? Can't wait for Confession Wednesday and anything involving Jose gets my taste buds excited!

  • Monet

    I agree with Brian…these are some great lessons! I would love to attend next year too. If only I had more money and time. And I've just jumped into the twitter world too. So much to learn!

  • Andra

    Emily aka Plum- that is actually a great idea! I haven't tried that- I just draped a kitchen towel around it!

    Amber- you have to come visit me in Denver!

    Brian @AThoughtForFood- bacteria gets removed better in warm water.

    Beth- thanks for being my biggest fan and supporter.

    Monet- you can make Aspen F&W your reason to come back to Colorado in June!

  • The Mom Chef

    Bravo! This is just oozing with your excitement and joy. What a wonderful post to read. I don't even miss your recipe (too much).

  • Kristen

    It was so fun to read about the way attending that event has permanently altered your kitchen experience. Good for you!

  • alison

    great post,awesome pics,nice to meet you!

  • es65

    Your post makes us feel as if we were there too. Thanks!

  • the constant hunger

    Gosh! I envy you that you were able to attend. I'm gonna have to make it a point to attend next year.

  • lisasfoods

    Sounds like a great opportunity. Isn't it funny how influential certain people or events can be sometimes.

  • Lala

    LOL! that post was full of food-related things, but the one thing that i somehow got out of it was your 'commitment' issues. i share with you that sentiment and it especially stings when i stare at that magazine from afar. but…i just can't. it's not them, it's me. i'm not ready.

  • Shirley

    You have to go back and watch some of the Top Chef drama from previous seasons! This sounds like such a fun event, wish we had something like this here.

  • Victoria K.

    Wow, I'm so jealous, this looks like an amazing experience!! You missed out on some great Top Chef episodes, but glad you're watching now. My favorite season was the last one, in Vegas :)