Thankfully: Drinking, Oak at Fourteenth

Thankfully, about a week ago, Bryan Dayton decided to make my life harder. Thankfully, now it is more difficult to choose where to have dinner in Boulder. Early last week, with plenty of anticipation but not much fanfare, Bryan and his partners, Chef Steve Redzikowski (formerly of Frasca and the Little Nell) and Manager Annie Polk opened Oak at Fourteenth. I could not help myself and went to try it for myself on their first Friday. Thankfully I got this fabulous voyeur seat in front of the beautiful wood-fired oven.

Thankfully Bryan was there mixing drinks and shaking hands- the Monk Garden was a highlight. Thankfully the food was exceptional – don’t miss the Fried Pickles with Green Goddess Aioli. And thankfully the service was outstanding.

In some personal thanking-sort-of news, thankfully there is salt, homemade butter, and fresh pasta. Thankfully there are manicures, perfume, short skirts, and high heels. Thankfully, there is Conscious Coffees, Cure Farm, and the Boulder Farmers Market.

Thankfully, I still allow myself to sing in the car, to laugh and cry, to be silly, sappy and vulnerable, to take risks, break rules, and love fearlessly. Thankfully, I have learned to accept blame, forgive, persist. Thankfully I still get what I need: sunshine, books, cooking gadgets. Thankfully among all the craziness around me, there is still time – for my beautiful family, my kind and accepting friends, my passion for writing. Thankfully, there is traveling, and eating, and drinking. Let me reiterate- thankfully, there is drinking.

And thankfully, Bryan shared a fabulous cocktail recipe with me. I fell in love with this drink when he was shaking it up at Frasca- a great winter citrusy treat, this is easy and likely a crowd pleaser, albeit a pink girly-looking drink. Being the gin girl that I am, I like this version best, but for the vodka crowd , Bryan will shake up the Steph for you at Oak at Fourteenth.

The Steph (vodka) or Stephania (gin)

Ingredients: 1 part gin or vodka, 1 part Aperol, 1 part St. Germain, 2 parts fresh grapefruit juice.

Mix it all in a shaker over ice and pour in chilled martini glasses. Serve and be thankful.

For more on Oak at Fourteenth, check out Stacey Brugeman’s article in Denver Magazine here.

Photography by Jennifer Olson.

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  • RS

    If I have to make these at home, I'll need to stock up at home… Or drink Stephs for many days straight! How long do liquers last, do you know?

  • A Plum By Any Other Name

    Thankfully, I am a gin girl too. I'm jealous of your proximity to fried pickles! I hope you have a great thanksgiving.

  • Bethany

    Thankfully there is French Press Memos; your knowledge of the Denver/Boulder food scene, your witty writing and beautiful food and drink recipes! Oh and fried pickles are just about the best thing ever invented! Great Post!

  • Tes

    We are not really know much about drink… but these sound right for our new year party :)

  • Monet

    I can't wait to try some of the restaurants you have recommended when I come back home for Christmas. You know the Denver/Boulder food scene so well! I love this drink, and I love your blog. Very thankful for both! Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  • Gigabiting

    very sweet way to express the season's sentiments. And the drinks look great.


    I love gin,and those glasses. I hope I can find them somewhere.

  • January

    this is a great post and a cute and witty way to express what you're thankful for. the drinks look fab :)

  • The Mom Chef

    You're thankful for such wonderful things! I love fresh grapefruit and can't imagine much better to do with it than make a drink. I'm thankful you posted this.

  • Andra

    RS- no clue! Mine never last long enough to go bad!

    Monet- do let me know when you come to Denver. I'm happy to dish on where to go…or not go.

    LonelyRadish- I hate to tell you- those glasses have been discontinued a couple of years ago- hoya calla lilly. The champagne flute version is really pretty too.

  • RS

    I tried both the fried pickles with green goddess aioli (pickles were salty!) and the Steph – waitress didn't know Stephania! But that's OK, I am a vodka guy anyway :-)
    Great drinks, my date was shocked by the chunk of butter on the side, the naked gnocchi and white? beet was really rich (as the menu promised!)
    Highly recommended for the drinks :-)