Welcome to the blog Rebecca Gart!

After two years of owning every word on this blog, I am ready to share my space. Starting now, my good friend, partner, and fellow passionate home cook Rebecca Gart will be contributing to this blog on a regular basis under the Family Meal label.

A mutual friend introduced us. We were an easy match: mothers of young children, food writers, committed home cooks and somewhat hyper controlling personalities. Rebecca invited me to do a food demo for her exclusive cooking club, Colorado Foodie Fest and the rest is history. We found ourselves ranting many times about cooking at home and teaching our children to be normal eaters.  By normal I mean eaters who are part of the family: no separate meals, no kids menus, no dysfunction over green vegetables.

This will never be a mommy blog. Family Meal will emphasize family eating because it is a big part of my life. Lulu is four and there is not one thing I can name that she does not eat (sriracha and other mouth-burning substances excluded). She cooks with us, eats with us, dines out with us – sharing in the same foods we eat. It hasn’t always been easy but it always made me happy to share food with her.

Rebecca has kids like Lulu, three of them: an 11-year-old daughter, whose avocado and arugula salad is second-to-none, a 10-year-old boy who is a steadfast vegetarian “just for the challenge of it,” and a 5-year-old son whose all-time favorite food is artichokes.

A former newspaper reporter and food writer/editor, Rebecca has been dubbed her, the best vegetarian chef in Denver by her husband who, Rebecca says, may just be sucking up because he loves being the recipient of her cooking. Rebecca is an avid skier, cyclist and reader of young-adult fiction. She has written for Delicious Living, Natural Health and Cooking Light, among others.

I am excited to have her be a contributor here. I know you will love her writing.

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