How to get your picture in the Washington Post

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, the social media was already on the ball and passed along the fact that my picture was in the Washington Post in the Lifestyle section in this article: Local wine conference reaches peak in Colorado by Dave McIntyre

Washington Post article on Colorado Wine Conference

I won’t lie, I liked it. Here is how you make that happen: 

Step 1: you attend a local wine conference in Denver invited by a friend- mine was this cool girl- Jess Hunter.

Step 2: you participate in the Twitter taste-off with like-minded friends who make it a fun adventure. 

Step 3: you scramble at the end to try to decide your number one favorite wine so you give your top two choices one more chance. Notice two glasses- those were my top two choices. 

Step 4: you stay playful and have a sense of humor with your double-fisting pose. 

Step 5: stand back and relax. Someone might send you your picture from a random article  like the one I showed up on in the Washington Post

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  • Jess

    Step 6: You just be a rockstar.  Please reference: Andra Zeppelin.