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I may have a serious long-windedness issue with my writing- think rambling on and on and on- opposite of concise. Multiple reliable sources have hinted to my drawn-out writings on several occasions. [You know who you are and I am not trying to make you feel guilty- maybe.]

Let me set one thing straight- we are only talking about writing here.Don’t be tempted to declare or theorize that I likely do the same when I talk. I make the rules here- we are just talking about writing. It’s my blog and I will cry if I want to.

If you question or doubt that I actually have a long-windedness issue, you either (1) never received an email from me or (2) are visiting this blog for the first time. If you have received an email from me and it wasn’t long, well, think of length as a relative term that has to synchronize with the amount of information shared. It’s all about ratios and quantities- amount of writing v. amount of information. Whatever it was that you may have received from me in written form was probably longer than what you would have sent when trying to convey the same information. And did you read some of the posts here? Hello??? Ratios writing/info conveyed reveal the same idea- long-windedness. I am not actually apologizing- just admitting.

The idea of long-windedness or perhaps need for editing, as a nameless admirer put it, didn’t take me by surprise but got me thinking and rationalizing. Why so wordy? A non-exclusive list follows:

(1)I love to write. Seriously. And I may be practicing my love for writing on you.

(2)I can- writing comes easy and I can type fast!

(3)Writing breeds writing- kind of like they say sleeping breads sleeping for babies- the more I write, the more I want to write.

(4)I am a lawyer. Uh, we might like to hear ourselves talk…or observe ourselves write in my case.

(5)I care about the reader. [Be flattered.]

(6)I don’t edit – just kidding; I do edit (even emails…sometimes…a lot of times…) but occasionally it is just not down. It is the Gone with the Wind approach to editing.

(7)I offer details that clue you exactly into what I’m trying to convey. A lot gets lost in the dryness of words on paper, print, email, etc. It should be helpful to you.

(8)I overcompensate from my work-writing which is agonizingly technical, painfully concise, and excruciatingly dry.

(9)I like you to actually hear my voice when you read. All of that “extraneous” stuff makes it personal.

(10) I can’t help myself. Nor do I try to. Nor do I want to try.

…but if I were to try, of course I could. Beginning right here [physically speaking at this place on your computer screen] this aims to be (1) my shortest post and (2) my easiest posted recipe. Allow me to impress you. Less talk, more pictures.

Parmesan Crisps [French Laundry recipe] to be used (1) to dress up your favorite Parmesan-related dish (as we did with the Lobster Mac’n Cheese below-stay tuned for a nice long post on that one!)

or as a snack whenever you get that fun cheese craving.

Things you need: a grater, a Silpat

Ingredients: Parmesan about 3-4 ounces [that’s it but make it a nice moist piece and not that dried-out scrap from the back of your fridge- it won’t work, I promise.]

Preheat your oven to 325º F. [oven thermomether!]

Line a baking sheet with the Silpat. Grate the Parmesan.

On the Silpat, start scooping 2 teaspoons of grated parmesan and spread using your finder into a 2 inch circle. Continue until you run out of space on the Silpat. Don’t overcrowd.

Place in the oven. Give it about 8-10 min. The cheese will bubble and look like it is disintegrating at one point. You want to take it out when it gets golden brown on the edges.

Remove with a small spatula onto paper towels. Allow to cool. You can store them in an airtight container for up to 2 days. Or you can just snack on them immediately. That’s all.

The END.

P.S. Still some superfluous stuff may have sneaked in there. I mean, it wasn’t as concise as an unpublished Court of Appeals opinion.But think, for example, did you want to use that dried-out scrap of Parmesan from the back of your fridge and have the pretty parm crisps fail?

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  • Sarah

    Yum. This is awesome.