Best Bites: Tillen Farms Maraschino Cherries

Adulthood came with the realization that Maraschino cherries are red and bright because they live in a preservative akin to embalming fluid. The thought and fake taste made me ban the red cherries from my life and from upon any place that served them. 

Tillen Farms Maraschino Cherries

There was, however, excitement on my face when I found the Tillen Farms Cherries at Tony’s Market a couple of weeks ago. I could not resist – I bought them and it was all worth it.  In a pretty jar, these maraschino cherries are canned without the artificial colors and flavors and without sulfites and preservatives. 

Half the jar got eaten plain in the car – no utensils- which made for a sticky situation. The other half can bring back the fun decoration part for a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a Manhattan. 

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  • Bee

    Ohhh I have SUCH fond memories of ordering a Shirley Temple on my birthday whenever the family went out to celebrate. I asked for extra cherries :) Nowadays I am hesitant because of the red dye too… but maybe I can find ones like this too!

    • FrenchPressMemos

      They are delicious. I saw them at a larger store here the other day- I am sure you can track them down. 

  • Mick

    Glad you like – everything from Tillen Farms is amazing, and their pickled vegetables are awesome in martinis!