Best Bites: Frasca’s Farmer’s Daughter

Allie Anderson at Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder mixes some of the most creative and delicate drinks in Colorado. Her drinks match her personality – understated and feminine, charming and always exactly on point for the dish, mood, or occasion. 

Farmer's Daughter and Frico Caldo

I asked Allie to help me pair Frasca‘s Frico Caldo with a drink. She made the Farmer’s Daughter which is now stuck in my head – this week’s best bite. 

The frico caldo, a rich potato and Montasio cheese griddled mixture, needed a bright citrusy drink and the Farmer’s Daughter hits every note required: floral flavors in elderflower syrup, acid in the lime, grassy freshness in the parsley and cucumber, a herbaceous flavor from the gin. Sheer pleasure! The recipe for the cocktail and the Frico Caldo are available here.

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  • Ellen & Mark

    That’s our niece, Miss Allie!  Can’t wait to try one of her specialties sometime. Unfortunately too many of these United States keep us far apart.  Keep up the good work oh wonderful niece of ours and may our paths cross soon!  Love and hugs!  E&M  

    • Andra Zeppelin

      Miss Allie is spectacular! Come visit her soon.