Andra Zeppelin is a freelance food and lifestyle writer, still recovering from her lawyer-job by handling small legal matters.  A Romanian native, she has lived in Denver for twelve years. She loves salsa dancing, devours books, speaks five languages, and skies the bunny slopes. Andra’s favorite pasttimes include making stock, butter, and granola. When she doesn’t cook or write, she scours the city for the best food finds, ingredients and eateries, and she always seems to find the insider’s best tips and secrets.

Fork and Pen began as an outlet from rigid legal writing. Over time, it evolved into a platform for sharing thoughts, rants, and recipes. The most recent development is flirting with talking about the Denver local food scene, which happens every day at Denver Eater where she serves as editor.

Andra is always open to new ideas for her cooking, writing, and blog – ask by email at andra.zeppelin@gmail.com. 

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